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Special factory scaffolding plank certified SGS.
Materials: Q235, Q345, thickness 1.5mm,1.8mm,2.0mm
different type plank, Market:West Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.
Safe Construction Decoration Co., Ltd  is located at the foot of Huishan Mountain, along the  coast of Tai Lake. Our factory cover an area of 5000 square meters.  We specialize in  designing and manufacturing ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding,  tower scaffolding and mobile scaffolding.  Our products are qualified with SGS and ISO  certification.

Our scaffolding plank have six type(A,B,C,D,E,F), they have different shape and
load capacity, so they can be meet your different requirements.
Surface treatment: pre-galvanized and hot dipgalvanized.
Thickness 1.5mm,1.8mm and 2.0mm.

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Product                     Description effective
  Weight     Price
  Code      kg     $
WBSP1.8 3m*0.3m*0.05m*1.8mm plank 3 21.05
WBSP1.8 2.5m*0.3m*0.05m*1.8mm plank 2.5 17.75
WBSP1.8 2m*0.3m*0.05m*1.8mm plank 2 14.46
WBSP1.8 1.5m*0.3m*0.05m*1.8mm plank 1.5 10.55
WBSP1.8 1m*0.3m*0.05m*1.8mm plank 1 7.25
WBSP1.5 3m*0.3m*0.05m*1.5mm plank 3 17.69
WBSP1.5 2.5m*0.3m*0.05m*1.5mm plank 2.5 15.02
WBSP1.5 2m*0.3m*0.05m*1.5mm plank 2 12.01
WBSP1.5 1.5m*0.3m*0.05m*1.5mm plank 1.5 8.65
WBSP1.5 1m*0.3m*0.05m*1.5mm plank 1 6.53
WBSP1.5 2m*0.25m*0.045m*1.5mm plank 2 10.2
WBSP1.5 1m*0.25m*0.045m*1.5mm plank 1 5.35
WBSP1.5 3m*0.22*0.05*1.5mm plank 3 14.16
WBSP1.5 2.5m*0.22*0.05*1.5mm plank 2.5 12.42
WBSP1.5 1m*0.22*0.05*1.5mm plank 1 10.32
WBSP1.5 3m*0.2*0.04*1.5mm plank 3 13.51
WBSP1.5 2.5m*0.2*0.04*1.5mm plank 2.5 9.42
WBSP1.5 1m*0.2*0.04*1.5mm plank 1 5.32