cuplock scaffolding


Surface treatment: Electroplated, hot dip galvanized, painting.

Procedure: Cutting, Drilling, Plating cutting, Forming, Welding,聽Remove welding slag, Galvanized, surface finishing, packing,聽shipping.

Components: Standard, Ledger, Brace, plank, base plate.

Port: Shanghai,Tianjing,Ningbo.

Certificated: ISO9001 and SGS.

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Safe-All components have their own unique numbering system and certification in put in to our data base after stringent testing and passing our quality control protocol.

Multi-functional-with the universal joint and fully interchangeable components, the cuplock system can be used in most construction projects for both formwork and access. It is very versatile and diverse. Use in the shipping industries, oil and gas and aviation industries.

Versatile-Verticals are assembled with horizontals and diagonals using secure fixed cup connections. Its versatility has a distinct advantage to conventional scaffolding methods. A positive & ridged connection of four units is achieved in one single action. The cupock system is very cost effective and can be erected safely and quickly.

Time saving-cuplock scaffold is the solution for temporary structures Performance stages. Small teams can erect it safely and quickly.

Economical-Easily assembled system scaffold saves time and labor costs.

Durable-All components are hot dip galvanized and manufactures to international standard.

Easily Stored-Individual pipe elements can be packed in bundles for easy storage and transportation. For returns, material can be packed in steel racks.

Cuplock scaffolding standard

Materials: Q345, Q235, 48.3*3.2mm, 48.3*3.0mm, Processing: welded
ITEM聽 NO 聽聽聽聽 Description Weight 聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽Remarks
SSCS100 1.0m Cuplock Standard 5.57kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSCS150 1.5m Cuplock Standard 8.54kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSCS200 2.0m Cuplock Standard 11.57kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSCS250 2.5m Cuplock Standard 14.21kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSCS300 3.0m Cuplock Standard 16.83kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting


Cuplock scaffolding ledger

Materials: Q345, Q235, 48.3*3.2mm, 48.3*3.0mm, Processing: welded
ITEM聽 NO 聽聽聽聽 Description Weight 聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽Remarks
SSRL090 0.9m Cuplock Ledger 3.93kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSRL120 1.2m Cuplock Ledger 5.06kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSRL150 1.5m Cuplock Ledger 6.19kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSRL200 2.0m Cuplock Ledger 8.07kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSRL250 2.5m Cuplock Ledger 9.96kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting
SSRL300 3.0m Cuplock Ledger 11.85kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Painting


Cuplock scaffolding brace

Materials: Q345, Q235, 48.3*2.5mm, Processing: welded
ITEM聽 NO 聽聽聽聽 Description Weight 聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽Remarks
SSCB1.5*2 聽Cuplock Diagonal Brace 8.84kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Powder
SSCB2*2 Cuplock Diagonal Brace 9.79kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Powder
SSCB2.5*2 Cuplock Diagonal Brace 10.93kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Powder
SSCB3*2 Cuplock Diagonal Brace 12.13kg HDG聽 Electroplated聽 Powder