aluminum scaffolding assemble standard

High homework

(1) Wearing tight clothes, shoes, prevent slippery mouth to wear a helmet, wearing a seat belt.

(2) Stopping high homework when meet the fog, heavy rain and strong winds.

(3)Bring all the homework, temporarily need not tools, load hat.

(4) Various materials with rope or walking is put in the ground of method, and shall not be thrown down materials.

(5) homework personnel shall not mutual play under zone, so as not to slip crashed accident.

(6) Without allowing anybody not to change or remove protection facilities.


Climbing homework

(1) From the channel under the regulations, and do not climb a scaffold pole pieces or in the balcony across and climb up between.

(2) Under a ladder, to face the ladder, both hands helped firm, do not climb with objects.

(3) Do not stand in the balcony bar piece, steel pipe rack, template and support on homework.

(4) Do not bend in the roof truss, purlin and not fixed objects or walking on the homework.

(5) On scaffolds homework or walk to watch your step probe board

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